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Brief history of NSS

Ever since Independence, there has been growing awareness of the desirability of involving students in National Service. The First Education Commission (1950) recommended the introduction of National Service by Students on a voluntary basis. Subsequently on the basis of suggestion made by then The Prime Minister Pt. Nehru, a committee was appointed under the Chairmanship of Dr. C. D. Deshmukh to prepare a Scheme for compulsory National Service by students prior to their admission for degree courses. Prof. K.G. Saiyidian, who undertook a study of National Service by youth in several countries, recommended that National Service may be introduced on a voluntary basis. A similar recommendation was made by the Education Commission appointed under the Chairmanship of Dr. D. S. Kothari.

In April 1967, the conference of State Education Ministers recommended that at the university stage, students could be permitted to join The National Cadet Crops which was already in existence on a voluntary basis and alternative to this could be offered to them in the form of a new program called the NATIONAL SERVICE SCHEME (N.S.S.). Promising sportsman, however, should be exempted from both and allowed to join another Scheme called the National Sports Organization (NSO), in view of the need to give priority to the development of sports and athletics.

The conference of vice-Chancellors in September 1967 welcomed this recommendation and suggested that a special committee of vice chancellors should be set up to examine this in details. The details were soon worked out and the Planning Commission sanctioned an outlay of Rs. 5 Crore for developing the NSS during the 4th Five year Plan as a pilot project in selected institutions and universities. In pursuance of these recommendations, the Ministry of Education introduced the NATIONAL SERVICE SCHEME DURING 1969-70. The choice of the timing of its introduction was remarkably auspicious as 1969 was the birth Centenary year of Mahatma Gandhi, the father of Nation to whom social service was almost a religion.

The Emblem

The symbol of the National Service Schemeis as appearing on the ‘Rath’ wheel of the Konark Sun temple of Orissa. These giant wheels of The Sun Temple portray the cycle of creation, preservation and release and signify the movement in life across time and space. The wheel signifies the progressive cycle oflife. It stands for continuity as well as change and implies on the part of the NSS for continuous striving forward for social transformation and upliftment.

Motto of NSS

The motto or watch wood of the National Service Scheme is ‘NOT ME BUT YOU’. This expresses the essence of democratic living and upholds the need for selfless service and appreciation of the other man’s points of view and also to show consideration for fellow human beings. It underlines that the welfare of an individual is ultimately dependent on the welfare of society as a whole. Therefore it should be the Aim of NSS to demonstrate this Motto in its day to day programme.


The NSS symbol is embossed on NSS Badge. NSS volunteers wear it while undertaking various community programs. There are wheels in RATH of Sun Temple of Konark. Each wheel has eight bars, which represents 8 Pahars of day. Hence the Badge reminds the wearer to be in readiness for service of the Nation round the clock i.e. for 24 hours or 8 Pahars. The red colour in the Badge indicates that the NSS volunteers are full of blood. i.e. lively, active and spirited. The NAVY BLUE colour indicates the cosmos of which the NSS is a tiny part to contribute its share for the welfare of the mankind.



Development of the personality of students through communityservice


1. To work with/ among people.

2. To engage in creative and constructive social action.

3. To enhance his / her knowledge of himself / herself and the community.

4. To put his / her scholarship to practical use in mitigating at least some of the problems.

5. To gain skills in the exercise of democratic leadership.

6. To gain skills in programme development to enable him / her for self–employment.

7. To Bridge the gulf between the educated and the uneducated masses; and

8. To promote the will to serve the weaker section of the community.

We should inspire people if we want to do some good work.

It is with the ladder of courage that we can reach the height of the sky.



The NSS Unit of Abhayapuri College has been playing an important role for the development of the institution, in particular and of the society in general, since its inception. One can notice the paradigmatic shift of its progress as a sin-qua-non part of extensive educational programme. The unit has also been acquired by the Programme Officer and the volunteers of the unit during the last five years. Best volunteer awards in National Integration Camp held in various places of India time to time; Regional, National and International awards winner at various Competitions; Participation in the Republic Day Parade in New Delhi etc. are notable achievement besides is normal activities.


National Service Scheme (NSS) was inducted in Abhayapuri College in the year 1970. Late A. K. Dutta, Lecturer in Political Science, was the first Programme Officer of the NSS Unit. He was succeeded by S. Sarania, H.o.D, Education (Retd.) and Dr. S. Nath, Lecturer Dept. of Economics. Since January 1999, Late Baburam Sarmah, Philosophy Department and Jayanta Bora, English Department have been working as the Programme Officers for last few years. For short term of period Dr. Pangkhi Hazarika also joined as a Programme Officer of NSS unit-2. After them Dr. Nabajit Mazumdar & Mr. Dhoromsing Ingti Kathar have been working as the Programme Officer of both the unit till now.


Abhayapuri College

Advisory Board

Chairperson : Dr. S.Nath, Principal ,Abhayapuri College

Programme Officer: Dr.Nabajit Mazumdar (Unit-1)

Member : Dr. Gahin Das (Coordinator IQAC)

Ms. S.Brahma Choudhury

Dr. N.R Bhuyan

Ms. Anupama Sargiary

Mr. Abhijit Barman

Dr. Ashok Das

Dr. Kuleswar Singha

Dr. MitaliChetia

Mr. MwikwmNarzary

Mr. Bikram Ranjan Roy

Ex-Officio Member: SDPO ,NorthSalmara Sub Division

BDO,Srijangram Block

Senior Volunteer : Kankan Bayan (7002879785 )


Abhayapuri College

Advisory Board

Chairperson : Dr.S.Nath, Principal ,Abhayapuri College

Programme Officer : Mr. Dhoromsing Ingti Kathar

Member : Dr. Gahin Das (Coordinator IQAC)

Dr. Pori Devi

Dr. Hitoram Ray

Mr. Amzad Ali Hussain

Mr. Rukunuddin Ahmed

Ms. Nazima Ahmed

Ms Karishma Talukdar

Ms. Trishna Roy Prodhani

Dr. Deepshikha Gogai

Mr. Debabrat Mahanta

Dr. Santanu Konwar

Ms. Chandana Ray Choudhuri

Ex-Officio Member : SDPO, North Salmara Sub-Division

BDO, Srijangram Block

Senior Volunteer : Manoj Baruah (9706289946)