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The National Cadet Corps is the Indian military cadet corps with its Headquarters at New Delhi. It is open to school and college students on voluntary basis. National Cadet Corps is a Tri-Services Organization, comprising the Army, Navy and Air Force, engaged in grooming the youth of the country into disciplined and patriotic citizens. The National Cadet Corps in India is a voluntary organization which recruits cadets from high schools, colleges and Universities all over India. The Cadets are given basic military training in small arms and parades. The cadets, on their course, are given preference over normal candidates during selections based on the achievements in the corps.

NCC Senior Division (Boys) platoon at Abhayapuri College, Abhayapuri was established in 1956. Prof. JL Dev was first Part Time NCC Officer. Dr. SK Tiwari took charge of ANO (Associate NCC Officer) of college NCC Unit in 1964.


Empower volunteer youth to become potential leaders and responsible citizens of the country.


To develop leadership and character qualities, mould discipline and nurture social integration and cohesion through multi-faceted programmes conducted in a military environment.


To train volunteer youth to become confident, committed and competent leaders in all walks of life.

To enhance the awareness level of cadets for being responsible citizens of the country.

To Provide opportunities and encourage cadets to enhance their knowledge and awareness levels on life skills, soft skills and communication skills.

To Provide platform for character building and personality development.

To Conduct activities to provide value-based contributions towards society in terms of social and community development.

To Undertake adventure activities for development of leadership qualities and risk-taking abilities.

To Provide an environment to motivate cadets to join the armed forces as a career.

The Abhayapuri College NCC is working as platoon under 7 Assam Battalion NCC, Dhubri (Assam) with an authorized strength of 75 Senior Division (Boys) and Senior wings Cadets. Every year enrolment of new cadets in first year of NCC training is done in month of Jun- July. Selection of the cadets is done as per the conditions of NCC Act1948 and related rules therein. Students should have interest in NCC training, physically fit to undergo the training, studying in the college, and in the age between 18 to 23 years. Admission is given to regular students of the college on the basis of physical test organized by the ANO in presence of Permanent Instructor (PI) Staff of the Battalion.

Abhayapuri College NCC has a glorious history. A number of cadets have participated in Republic Day parade camps, (New Delhi) as well as Camps held at national level. Unit has participated in social service activities like Blood donation camps, Tree Plantation, Anti-Drug abuse drive, AIDS Awareness programmes, Communal Harmony drive etc. A number of present and ex-cadets have joined armed forces as their career.

List of ANOs Serving the NCC Coy Since Inception

Name of ANO Period of Service

JL Dev (Leutenant) 1964-1979

Dr. SK Tiwari (Leutenant) 1979-1986

J Patgiri (Leutenant) 1986-1987

DM Das (Leutenant) 1987-2011

Dr. S Sarkar (Leutenant) 2011

Intake Capacity

Authorized strength of the Coy is 75.

First Year = 25

Second Year = 25

Third Year = 25

Every year in first year of NCC Training new cadets are enrolled, which is equal to the number of cadets passed C certificate exam last year, plus number of dropped out cadets, if any. Thus, total number of authorized strengths 75 is maintained.

Distinct Features

1. Sufficient space for office cum store room.

a. Office space = 224 sq. ft.

b. Store room space = 224 sq. ft.

2. Adequate number of shelves, almirahs to store NCC clothing and to keep official documents.

3. Ample space of Parade Ground and additional pavement (pitched) to conduct drill.

4. OTA trained teaching staff i.e. Associate NCC Officer and Visiting PI Staff for field training and weapon training.

5. Sufficient teaching aids

6. Use of ITC for theory classes

7. Availability of Audio-Visual aid facility in college digital class rooms where theory classes are held.

Training Philosophy

Comprehensive training for Empowerment of Youth to earn the capability to lead. Module based training to include-

Character building and Competence Development.

Basic Military Training.

Social Awareness and Service.

Innovative, interesting and safe conduct of training with high degree of visibility to inspire youth, duly supported by appropriate training infrastructure and logistics support for cadets.

Present Stock of the NCC

The clothing items for NCC parades are supplied by 7 Assam Bn. NCC, Dhubri to NCC Platoon of Abhayapuri College. Clothing items are issued to the cadets after receiving the same by the ANO.

However, the platoon has accumulated certain items and accessories of its own. Details of present stock of the coy are given in the tables below.


Camps Attended by the Cadets

i. Annual Training Camp (ATC)

ii. Combined Annual Training Camp (CATC)

iii. Advance Leadership Camp (ALC)

iv. All India Trekking Expedition

v. National Integration Camp

vi. Army Attachment camp

vii. Inter Group Sports Competition (IGC)

viii. Pre-Republic Day Camp (PRDC)

ix. International Yoga Day

Certificate Examinations

Certificate - B

Certificate B exams can be written by cadets of NCC who are studying for university degree. In the second year of training, they can appear in the exam for B-certificate. The candidate must have attended a minimum 75% of total training periods laid down in the syllabus for the first and second years of NCC. The intending cadets must have attended one Annual Training Camp/NIC.

The cadets of Abhayapuri College NCC appear in the B-certificate exam conducted by its unit/battalion i.e. 7 Assam Battalion NCC, Dhubri (Assam).

Certificate - C

C-certificate is the most important certificate for NCC cadet. It can be written in the 3rd year of training. In the 3rd year of degree course those having B certificate are eligible for C-certificate exam. The candidate must possess a B certificate and must have attended two ATCs or one ATC and in addition to it RD Camp, Centrally Organised Camp, Para Training Camp, Attachment Training Camp with service units, National Integration Camp and Youth Exchange Programme

Like B-certificate the exam for C-certificate is also conducted by affiliating unit/battalion i.e. & Assam Bn. NCC, Dhubri (Assam).

Achievements of the NCC

After completion of B and C certificate exams, a number of cadets from Abhayapuri College NCC have been qualified for appointment in various services throughout the country.