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Abhaypuri College Library is one of the oldest and premier colleges of lower of Assam established in the year 1955 and is named as "Krishna Goswami Library" in honour of the founder principal of the college. The Library being the hub of knowledge resource caters to the need of undergraduate students of BA,B.Sc, B.Voc. Courses and the esteemed faculty and staff of the college. The Library with its open access system provides an atmosphere for searching/ borrowing the required books freely inside the library. The library is open from 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM on all working days.

The Library is automated with SOUL 2.0 (Integrated Library Management Software-ILMS) developed by the INFLIBNET and Barcode Technology. The library provides remote access facility of the digital resources of Institution (Institutional Repository) and also has separate library webpage where the users can access free and subscribed e-resources and other related information.

At present the Central Library, Abhayapuri College has a well- stacked collection of about 31,400+ printed books as on 31/03/2022 which includes Texts and Reference books, 64 numbers of journals and magazines subscribed in the year 2022, 6 numbers of newspapers and E-resources under N-List Programme and National Digital Library of India (NDLI).

The Library has Library Advisory Committee to address the issues involved for library development. LAC mainly plays a significant role in the collection development process of the library. Every Year, on recommendations from faculty and students of the college, the library purchase books. The Library staff usually recommends general reference books and those materials not covered by the department.

The Krishna Goswami Library Abhayapuri College takes initiative of awarding Best Library User Award as the best practice to motivate the students and to make the efficient use of the library and its services for the undergraduate students.

The Library Undertakes User awareness and Instruction Programmes such as Orientation lectures with print and non-print materials, User’s training in the use of library services, on use of E-resources, OPAC, and assistance in use of technologies for users especially for the students and staff of the college. Moreover, the departmental libraries maintained by all the departments of the college provide additional help to students and teachers in their academic pursuits.


Library Automation: The Krishna Goswami Library has automated it’s all activities through SOUL 2.0 (ILMS) and bar-coded all knowledge resources.

Digital Library/Institutional Repository: There is a separate digital library section in the library. 12 (Twelve) computers have been installed in the library and all are connected to the internet. The library uses DSpace Open Source Software- to archive it’s in house publications like question papers, lecture notes, project reports, staff publications, selected project reports.There is a separate login register for the digital library section.

Barcode Attendance System: Barcode-based attendance system for both students and staff are placed at the library entrance to know the number of users visiting the library.

Automated Circulation System: The Circulation procedure is fully automated using SOUL 2.0 (ILMS) with Barcode. The circulation desk of our college performs the following functions: a. Lending library books to the bonafied users. b. Return and reservation of books. c. Assist the users in the circulation counter. d. Calculate the user statistics.

Searching through OPAC: Since the library is fully automated, the holdings of the library can be searched using OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue).Kiosk Machine is available for browsing OPAC.

Overnight borrowing services: This service is provided to those students and teachers who want to issue reference books or journals. Under this facility they are allowed to borrow the required reference books but they have to return within two days.

Internet Facility: Free Internet access to students and staff is made available through LAN connected computers and through WIFI.

Library Publicity: The library has separate Library Webpage connected to the Abhayapuri College website to display about its collection, staff, arrangement, rules and services available for students. It has provided links to important websites, Web-OPAC and N-LIST and other databases subscribed by institution. (The Library Link is available only at the working hours of the Library)

Wi-Fi-based Library: Abhayapuri College Library is Wi-Fi based library. Library users can use the Wi-Fi service in the reading hall and in the digital library section.

Membership of E-Contents: Krishna Goswami Library is a member of the N-LIST and also a club member of NDLI. The library has an internet facility through which the E-resources can be accessed. The users can access to 6000+ e-journals and 1,99,500+ ebooks under N-List and 88,604,176+ E-books through NDLI.

WhatsApp-based service: Students of Abhayapuri College are connected with the library through 3 (Three) WhatsApp Groups. All important information, notices, new arrival of books, etc. are shared in those groups.

QR Code-based service: The library provides an online Old (Previous year) Question Paper access facility to its users by using a QR code also OPAC can be searched by scanning the QR Code (Working on College Wi-Fi only).

Reading Room: The library has Separate Reading Room for students with a 50+ seating capacity and 10 numbers of seats for teachers.

Social Responsibility: As an extended responsibility, the college library provides service to the general public on application to the college authority. A user may be allowed to use the library for reference books, journals and magazines etc. Photocopying services is also provided to them.

Reprography: Reprographic facility is also available for library users.

Book Bank: Poor and under privileged students are provided books from the book bank.

Career Guidance Literature: Our central library has a good collection of service books. Up-to date books on general knowledge and of competitive exams are available in the library.

Library Security: The library has installed CCTVs (Closed Circuit Televisions) to monitor student activities and fire extinguisher to prevent natural hazards.

Library Orientation: In order to introduce the new user with the library facilities the library authority organizes orientation program every year at the beginning of the academic year.

Activities of KG Library: The Library time to time organizes Book display programme on new arrivals for the users of the library, User’s training in the use of library services, on use of E-resources, OPAC, and assistance in use of technologies to users /staff etc., conducts workshops and training programmes for library staff too.

User Feedback System: There is 1 (One) suggestion Box to get User feed back on various services provided to them. It helps to evaluate the feedback forms or letters to improve library services.


  1. Library working hours & days:
  2. Library membership:
  3. Categories of membership and their privileges:
  4. Category Class/Nature of Posts Number of Books allowed for issue Period Library Fines

    T.D.C. (Honours) 03 Books 15 Days

    An Overdue charge/Library Fine of Rs. 2.00 per day per volume will be charged from the member after due date.
    T.D.C.(Regular) 02 Books 15 Days
    H.S. 02 Books 15 Days
    Teaching Staff Sanctioned 10 Books 30 days
    Non-Teaching staff Sanctioned 05 Books 30 days


  1. The loss or damage of books borrowed by a member in his/her custody; the borrower shall be liable to replace the lost publication (of same author and of same publisher) to the library within 15 days at his cost. Photo copy of lost publication will not be accepted.
  2. If the Publication is out of print or otherwise not available in the market, the concerned borrower has to pay (3) times more than the purchase price/current price of the publication whichever is higher. For complimentary/Exchange publication, the nearest similar edition price/cost will be charged.
  3. If the book of a multi-volume set is lost or damaged, the member concerned shall be liable to replace the whole set or pay (3) times more than the purchase price/current price of the same.
  4. The Loss of Library Card must be brought to the notice of Librarian in written form. After verification of the record, a duplicate library card may be issued.


  1. A Library Clearance Certificate may be issued to the students only on returning all books before the commencement of Examinations.
  2. Library clearance certificate is must for employees whenever he/she leaves/transfers/resigns/retires from service.


  1. Using the Library and the borrowing books from the Library is privilege given to a member. Any infringement of the Library Rules will render a member liable to cancellation of membership.
  2. The librarian reserves the right to suspend or delinquent membership of any member found misbehaving, abusing the library staff or behaving in an indecent manner.