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Abhayapuri College, Central Library has a well- stacked collection of about 30,345 books, including Text books and Reference books. The Central Library has a good number of Periodicals (Journals and Magazaines) of Local, National and International repute and a wide range of regional and national newspapers serving near about the 3000 students and 100 teaching, non teaching staff. This Library is providing various services to its users and trying to expand the wings of its services.

The Central Library follows open Access System reducing the barriers between the books and readers. The Library is automated using SOUL 2.0 (Integrated Library Management Software-ILMS) developed by the INFLIBNET. The users can search the Library Catalogue (OPAC) by Author´s name, title, subject, and keywords available on the campus LAN. The Library has the provision of Information Kiosk- Intranet OPAC. Library also Uses Barcode Technology to identify Books, Circulation of Books and to identify student"s Identity Cards. The library started automated circulation of books.

The Digital Library of the Abhayapuri College uses DSPACE Software to access Digital Resources. It can be accessed during working hours. 12 terminals are available for the users to browse the internet in library with BSNL Broadband connectivity.

The college library has Institutional Membership under N-LIST Programme, a college Component of e-ShodhSindhu Consortium (INFLIBNET) and can access 31,35000+ E-Books and 6000+ E-Journals freely 24x7

The librarian conducts Library Orientation Program for newly admitted students in the beginning of each academic year to make aware about library rules and regulations, library resources, facilities and services and equip them with search strategies and OPAC search.

The library has reading room space for Boys, Girls and Faculty Members, Electronic surveillance system to monitor the pilferage of books or unauthorized issue of books or any kind of theft in the library.

Library Hours
  • Monday to Saturday : 0930 hours to 1630 hours
  • Book Issue Time : 1000 hours to 1700 hours
  • Sunday & Holidays : Closed


Library Membership

Students admitted to the college must fill the Online Library Membership Form to be a bonafide member of a library. The online membership form is available at the College website.
a) For filling up the Online Library Membership form Gmail is preferred. (b) The Online Library Membership form should be filled up within 3 days after admission.


Abhayapuri College has a well equipped infrastructure with Digital Classrooms. There are 3 (three) Smart Class Rooms equipped with modern Smart Boards, LCD Projector and other necessary audio-visual aids. Besides, there are 9 (nine) more Digital Classrooms having various hi-tech facilities like; LCD Projector, Advanced Video Screen, Digital Sound System etc. Due to latest technology and hi-tech electronic equipments Student can easily understand the concepts and E-learning helps them to understand concepts via video and presentation format more easily. It helps to grasp easily and makes learning to easy. To learn with Digital Classroom is an ideal concept and it is an Ultimate Revolution in Traditional Learning System. We ensure our students that our Digital Classroom will be more technically sound and will be updated with latest technology.

Moreover, Abhayapuri College has a Conference Hall fully equipped with modern technologies- Smart Boards, LCD Projector and other necessary audio-visual aids.


Along with UG Arts Stream and Vocational Stream, the college is continuing UG degree Course in science under Gauhati University. At present, the college has six science departments viz. Botany, Computer Science, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics and Zoology. In addition to the students from science stream, a few students from Geography department also study combinations of subjects under science stream.

All the departments of science stream including Geography have two well equipped laboratory each to serve the purposes of covering the practical syllabus of UG degree Courses. Further, each department of science stream along with departments having practical courses have one separate well furnished and adequately equipped laboratory for HS Courses. Apart from these, the education department have one laboratory for holding the practical classes UG degree course as well as HS Course.

Moreover, the college has two well equipped computer laboratories. One State of Art well equipped AC Computer Laboratory with 50 Computer sets and with LAN connection with internet connectivity and another computer laboratory has 20 Computer sets with LAN connection.


The college has latest facility for refreshment of students and teachers through college canteen. The present College Canteen is a well furnished refreshment centre where light food and non alcoholic beverages are available. The canteen is run by contractor on yearly basis.


Abhayapuri College has one Boys" hostel and a one Womens" hostel (with two separate wings in the same women hostel campus) for the accommodation of students from distance areas. These hostels are situated around 500 meters from college campus in SahityaShabha path of the town. The locality of the hostels is very beautiful and homely. Good study environment prevails at the hostels. All the hostels are very virtuous and maintain a holistic environment. All the hostels have spacious dining hall attached to these and have playground inside the campus.

There are 24 numbers of seats in the Boys" Hostel.

In Women"s Hostel, there are two separate wings.One is an old Assam type building with 20 nos of seat capacity and another one is a new RCC building which has a seat capacity for 24 students. The new building is attached with a warden room, dining hall and a visitor hall.

Procedure of Hostel admission:

1. Application for admission to hostel should be made in the prescribed form, which can be obtained (download) from the College website. Duly filled up application should be submitted at the time of admission.
2. Student who secured admission to the college is eligible for Hostel accommodation based on the merit and distance (farthest distance will be preferred).

Academic Atmosphere:

Congenial academic environment is maintained in the hostel during the study hour.

Management of the Hostels:

The internal management of the Hostels is looked after by a warden, appointed by the college authority. It is always tried to generate a peaceful environment within the hostel campus. There is a hostel committee comprising ofthe Principal of the College, President of the Governing body, coordinator of IQAC, Warden, 5-6 members from teaching staff and 4-5 members from local citizen.

Common Facilities available in the Hostels:

a)Purified drinking water facilities.
b) 24 hrs running water.
c) Large playground and badminton court within the campus.
d) A multidisciplinary Outdoor stadium just near the hostel.
e) Boarders avail mess dues subsidy under the scheme of government of Assam.

Further,a volleyball court is present inside the Boys" Hostel campus. In addition to theabove facilities, anAya has been engaged for the service of the boarders of Women Hostel and exist a small library with useful books and old question papers.


a)Wall magazine is published by the boarders annually.
b)Boarders participate in various cultural and other games and programmes held in the College.
c)Weekly cleanliness is arranged in the hostel by the boarders.
d)Cultural and literary competitions are held by the boarders of the hostel.
e) Boarders participate in the various plantation programme organized by the College.

N.B: Boarders should obey the General Hostel Rules approved by the G.B. of the College.


Sports in institutional level play an important role in shaping personality and maintaining good health among the students. Abhayapuri College has developed a sports environment that matches national as well as international standards and gives a truly sporting experience to all the students.

There are multiple sport facilities in Abhayapuri College to keep the students engaged in sports and make them physically fit. Some of the sports facilities of the college are mentioned below.


Students of Abhayapuri College are very much interested in athletics. To boost up the skill and ability of students in athletics the college has built up one outdoor stadium with 400 mtrs running track in its hostel campus with financial assistance from University Grants Commission during XII Plan period. Related to infrastructural facility, the outdoor stadium has one well dressed running track where 15 competitors can participate at one time for a particular event. Moreover, the outdoor stadium has one well furnished changing room with spate facilities of dress changing both for boys and girls. The outdoor stadium is not only used for the intra-college tournaments but also used for extra-college tournaments organized by the local sports clubs and other related organizations.


Basket ball is one of the most popular sports now a days and Abhayaouri College has an well furnished and modern basket ball court in its campus. The basket ball court is built by the financial grants from RUSA 1.0 in the financial year 2018-19. A total amount of Rs. 12 lakh has utilized for making the said court and the court has fulfil the long waited need of basket facility not only of the students of Abhayapuri College, but also the sports fraternities of the entire Abhayapuri area. Abhayapuri College authority is planning to appoint a dedicated basketball coach and framed a sports development committee to help the budding players in every way they can.


The college has a well furnished football ground with luxuriant green grass in its outdoor stadium built from the financial aid by UGC. An experienced football coach trains the football team of the college in regular intervals with all the required equipments.


The college has a total of three volleyball courts in its campus; one each in girls and boys hostel campus and one in the ground in front of the office of the principal. The sports development committee of the college arranges coaching facility for the student players of the college.


Cricket is widely played in Abhayapuri College students. The college has two cricket facilities in its campus, one on the ground in front of the office of the principal which is used for practice and one in the ground of outdoor stadium which is used for folding tournaments.

Table Tennis

Being one of the most popular sports in colleges, table tennis is played by a large number of girls students in the college. The college has two modernized table tennis boards in the girls" common room and one TT board in girl"s hostel. The college has arranged coaching facilities to help the budding players in every way.


Considering the growing strength of the students 02 (two) filtered running drinking water stations with cold water facility were installed in the college campus. There are provisions of Bicycle parking Stands, Bike and Car parking areas, Toilet facilities separately for Male and Female Students with running water in the campus. For the convenience of the students two class rooms were provided with air conditioners and provision of sound system in the big class rooms of the college was arranged. A large size digital Notice Board was installed at the centre point of the college campus.


Abhayapuri College fraternity expresses its indebtedness to Rashtriya Uchchattar Shiksha Abhiyan (RUSA) Assam for choosing the college as one of the beneficiary institutions under Rashtriya Uchchattar Shiksha Abhiyan (RUSA). The college received Rupees 2 crore as financial assistance under RUSA 1.0 Grant in three instalments.

The College made optimum use of the Grants received from RUSA and utilized the grants as per approved DPR under three main components with ratio of 35%, 35% and 30% respectively in New Construction, Campus Development (Renovation/ Up-gradation of existing facilities) and New Facilities.

Under the component New Construction—a new class room building (G+1) was constructed as per the guidelines of RUSA.

Under the component of campus development, Renovation/ Up-gradation of existing facilitiesa complete renovation and digitalisation of the College Central Library was done with a number of new book racks that gave a new facelift to the library. The incomplete staircase leading to the Central Library and 2nd floor was completed under the component. Renovation of Education department and incomplete works of Tiles fitting in the entire corridor of 1st floor of RCC building and incomplete works of Iron Grill in the 1st floor& stair case of RCC buildingwere completed under this component.The Chemistry Department did not have a proper sitting room for the faculty members. Under this component the chemistry department was extended with a separate sitting room along with required amenities was constructed.

Considering the growing strength of the students 04 (four) new filtered drinking water stations with cold water facility were installed under this component. To solve the problem of bicycle parking a separate Bicycle parking Stand was constructed. For the convenience of the students two class rooms were provided with air conditioners under same component and provision of sound system in the big class rooms was arranged. A large size digital Notice Board was installed at the centre point of the college from RUSA Grant.

The boundary wall of the College Boys" Hostel & college play ground campus was also constructed with the help of RUSA Grantunder the same component. The front boundary wall with a central gate was also constructed in the college campus from RUSA Grant under the component Campus development.

The electrical wiring of the college was in a very bad shape which used to create short circuit problems. Under the component Renovation/ Up-gradation of existing facilitiesa complete overhauling of the electrical wiring was done with the installation of modern Electric changers at required points.

The Central Library could purchase new books for all subjects as per the demands of the students and faculty members under the component of new facilities. Earlier each department was provided with desktops only therefore, the RUSA PMU in its meeting decided to provide each department with a branded Laptop with high quality printers and also books for departmental library along with a book rackfor the convenience of the department. A long standing demand of the departments having laboratories could be partially fulfilled as from the RUSA Grant as scientific equipment were purchased as per the list submitted by various science departments, Geography and Education departments as well.

To encourage the students towards sports a well-equipped standard size Basketball Court was constructed in the College Campus under this component of new facility.

It gives a pleasure to inform that the College has been selected by RUSA for 2.0 Grant which would be released to the college shortly. The college has prepared the DPR of RUSA 2.0to utilize the grant accordingly.

The efforts of RUSA PMU of the college might not have been able to achieve its aim without the help of our respected service providers. I on behalf of RUSA PMU of the college extend my thanks to the Building Division, PWD, Abhayapuri, for their relentless help and guidance. In this regard I would mention the name of Engineer B.P. Goswami and Junior Engineer Mr.Asiruddin, Building Division, PWD, Abhayapuri for their valuable advice and support. I extend my thanks to Executive Engineer, PWD, Building Division, Goalpara, for helping us at times and guiding us in technical matters. To improve the electrical wiring and necessary changes in electrical installations, I extend my sincere thanks to the Executive Engineer, PWD, Electrical Division, Kokrajhar. On behalf of RUSA PMU, I cannot forget the contributions of Mr.BipulMedhi, Architect, Guwahati, for his blue print of our proposed plans. I on behalf of RUSA PMU, extend my gratitude and thanks for his help and support.

Mr. P Baruah, IIIT, Guwahati, extended his voluntary support and guidance in materialising various schemes related to RUSA work. I on behalf of RUSA PMU extend my sincere thanks and at the same time request him to be with us in our forthcoming projects. The RUSA PMU of the cannot forget the services offered by Mr.DhirajNath, Junior Engineer, in preparing the plan and estimate of the Basketball Court constructed in the college Campus. The RUSA PMU extends its sincere regard to one and all for their help and support in completing the works within the stipulated time frame. I on behalf of RUSA PMU extend my sincere thanks and regard to the honourable Governing Body of the College for its guidance. I extend my sincere thanks to all the members of teaching and non-teaching staff for their help, cooperation and support in successfully completing works related to RUSA. Last but not the least, I express my sincere thanks to respected Principal of the college Dr.SadanandaNath, for his support and guidance and all the members ofRUSA PMU for their cooperation and support.

Dr. Rajesh Tiwari
RUSA Project Montoring Unit, Abhayapuri College